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Posted by Maya Elliott on July 7, 2015
“I first made this recipe yesterday,” says Maya. “I was inspired by my family because we all love vegetables, but different vegetables. I decided to make little lasagnas so we could all choose our own vegetables to put in it. I put fruit and salad on the side because of!” - Maya Elliott, Age 10, Vermont
Posted by Indiana Coyle on July 7, 2015
“Sushi is my favorite food. I like making sushi with my mom. She cuts up all the food and then I can pick what goes inside,” says Indiana. “We roll it up together and I eat it. When it was time to pick which sushi I thought was best, I couldn't choose! So we used the food in all of them for the recipe. We used brown rice because it is healthy and it tastes great. I think it would be healthy for kids to eat sushi.” - Indiana Coyle, Age 8, Utah
Posted by Jalani Phillips Jr. on July 7, 2015
“Living on an island can be a task at times, especially during hurricane season.  Power is knocked out, grocery stores closed or damaged, and fresh food items are often limited,” says Ialani. “My recipe can be prepared under these circumstances.  The salmon doesn't have to be refrigerated, nor are many supplies needed. If the power is out, I can prepare my meal using our gas stove with mom’s help.” - Jalani Phillips Jr., Age 10, U.S. Virgin Islands
Posted by Jianna Garcia on July 7, 2015
“I was inspired to make this as I love eating healthy, and I especially love any salad, more than chips and soda,” says Jianna. “Greek food is also one of my very favorites. I love how the flavors of the couscous, parsley, feta, and fresh veggies combine with my Lemon-Honey Vinaigrette. By adding delicious Chicken Skewers and Texas Tzatziki, I turned this already scrumptious salad into a super fresh, healthy, and very tasty meal.” - Jianna Garcia, Age 10, Texas
Posted by Evie Braude on July 7, 2015
“My inspiration for this recipe was a soup my mom makes. My sister and I adore this soup,” says Evie. “So, I decided to make a version of the soup as a salad that would be easier to take to school in a lunchbox. I was also inspired by the local farmer's market here in Knoxville, TN. The farmer's market has food trucks, pastries, vegetables, meat, and more! I love the salad by itself, but it would also be tasty with my dad's grilled salmon.” - Evie Braude, Age 9, Tennessee
Posted by Griffin Storm on July 7, 2015
“I love BBQ sauce and I also love homemade soups, especially my grandma’s chicken noodle and vegetable,” says Griffin. “When I was thinking about my recipe I thought, why not make a BBQ vegetable soup? I love red and yellow peppers, so I knew I wanted to add them to the recipe. My mom loves slow cooker recipes for our busy family of six. My parents and I worked on the recipe together to come up with what I like to call a Storm of Deliciousness.” This recipe uses a slow cooker. If you don’t have one, slowly simmer the soup ingredients in a pot for 1 hour or more. - Griffin Storm, Age 8, South Dakota
Posted by Summer LaPress on July 7, 2015
“My mom and I first made this recipe after visiting the beach in Charleston, South Carolina,” says Summer. “Every restaurant had the most delicious fresh fish. Before we left, we bought some grouper at a fish shack that had been caught that morning, and we took it home in a cooler. We also ate rice native to South Carolina, and we were able to find it in stores back home in Greenville. So we came up with this recipe to remind us of our trips to the beach!” - Summer LaPress, Age 9, South Carolina
Posted by Clara Aizenman on July 7, 2015
“I created this soup because it represents my heritage, which is Jewish, Mexican, and Eastern European,” says Clara. “I first made this recipe when my grandmother came to visit from Mexico. She was convinced the ingredients wouldn’t go well together, but the result was delicious. This soup combines vegetable barley soup, common to Jewish cooking, with Mexican pozole. I also really love soup.” - Clara Aizenman, Age 11, Rhode Island
Posted by Felix Gonzalez on July 7, 2015
“One day I was very hungry after my soccer practice so I was inspired to create a nutritious chicken meal that was easy to prepare,” says Felix. “I decided to make this dish as a wrap because I was thinking about the fun times when my dad wrapped me up as a burrito with a blanket when I was a small child. This recipe is versatile because I can change the chicken for fish, or just make it a salad not using the tortilla. This plate goes perfectly with a nonfat Greek yogurt with berries." - Felix Gonzalez, Age 11, Puerto Rico
Posted by Sydney Tyner on July 7, 2015
“I'm just a normal kid, so when my stepmom got breast cancer I was scared. When I found out we were going to change our eating habits to be healthier I was mad,” says Sydney. “But once we started eating healthy, I realized it wasn't a bad thing at all. I love tacos and I came up with this new version so I could still eat healthy and have my favorite food. In the summer we use vegetables out of our own garden. It tastes even better then.” - Sydney Tyner, Age 11, Pennsylvania