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Posted by Braxton Young on July 7, 2015
“I created this recipe for kids like me who are allergic to dairy, nuts, and gluten. But, even if you don’t have an allergy, you’ll love it too,” says Braxton. “I started cooking with my mom when I was two. But, then I stopped cooking, because food started to make my stomach hurt. I used to have seizures and bad asthma, but now that I’m not eating gluten, my seizures and asthma are gone. Now I love to cook and eat healthy food. A lot of other kids don’t eat very healthy lunches in my school and unless I have smelly eggs in my lunchbox, they want my healthy food.” - Braxton Young, Age 8, Maryland
Posted by Leo Koch on July 7, 2015
“My name is Leo and I am a Superhero! Well, at least that is what my mama and papa tell me. I have Type 1 Diabetes and Hydrocephalus,” says Leo. “So eating healthy foods helps me to stay as strong as I possibly can. I like to eat this soup the night before one of my 5K races. Beans are already a super food, but we packed a few more secret ingredients into our soup! My parents say that desserts are "sometimes" foods, so I helped them come up with an “everyday” dessert! Now, my brother can't stop thanking me!” - Leo Koch, Age 8, Maine
Posted by Samuel Davis on July 7, 2015
“At first, my parents promised to get me a dog if I took care of the garden…so I was excited to be in charge of watering and gathering the harvest each day,” says Samuel. “Since I love science and math, I created this mouthwatering dish which uses every fresh-grown vegetable in my family’s garden, plus my favorite meat, salmon. It has become a family favorite. I’m the new chef in the house! I’m just a southern boy who loves to eat healthy!” - Samuel Davis, Age 11, Louisana
Posted by Izzy Washburn on July 7, 2015
“I presented to the school board my suggestions to help students identify what makes a lunch healthy. This recipe is one of my favorites,” says Izzy. “I saw in my experiment that pre-packaged food and fruit snacks/chips and other unhealthy foods were in my friends’ lunch boxes. It is important to teach my friends what good choices look like and how what FUEL they choose for their bodies affects how they perform throughout their day.” - Izzy Washburn, Age 9, Kentucky
Posted by Jasmine Dulan on July 7, 2015
“First, I really want to be a nutritionist like my mommy when I grow up, and help others eat healthy,” says Jasmine. “I developed my black bean burger recipe for this challenge for a healthier and more affordable option than a regular hamburger. Black beans are so yummy and eating plant-based recipes more often is good for the earth, too. I included my kale recipe as I LOVE kale chips. I also included my favorite smoothie recipe with my secret ingredient—spinach.” - Jasmine Dulan, Age 11, Kansas
Posted by Mary McFetridge on July 7, 2015
“I'm inspired by my sister, who can run as fast as the wind, and my brothers, who taught me basketball. I was also inspired by my coaches on Girls on The Run, who taught me to be the best I can be and much more,” says Mary. “Last but not least, I was inspired by my parents. My mom, because she has taught me to be healthy, and because I run with my dad when we do 5Ks and he encourages me all through the race. I’m eating the Farfalle Feast and following MyPlate, so my bones, brain, and muscles will grow strong. I serve this pasta with with Kale-Spinach Smoothies and Fruit Salad.” - Mary McFetridge, Age 11, Iowa
Posted by Abigail Horne on July 7, 2015
“My little brother is sensitive to wheat. Whenever we have sandwiches for lunch he always cries for bread, but we are not allowed to give it to him,” says Abigail. “I wanted to come up with a sandwich for him that didn't have wheat bread and was also affordable. My dad loves fried plantains or tostones. I thought it would be a great idea to use the plantains for bread but bake them instead of frying for a healthier option. I ended up with a turkey burger on plantain buns and a fresh jicama and apple slaw. He loved it!” - Abigail Horne, Age 8, Indiana    
Posted by Shreya Patel on July 7, 2015
“I have watched my mom and grandma make all sorts of delicious food in the kitchen with an Indian twist since I was born,” says Shreya. “I have been helping them cook since I was three. I love to mix, measure, chop, and even clean up afterwards. My grandma and I came up with this recipe together because we both love sandwiches. We make this recipe often to take to school for lunch or even on picnics with friends.” - Shreya Patel, Age 9, Illinois 
Posted by Josie Roll on July 7, 2015
“I first made this recipe with my great aunt Maria. My favorite part was pounding out the chicken, because it was fun and it made the chicken tender and juicy,” says Josie. “My baby brother likes the carrot noodles best. I decided to use veggies for the noodles so the meal would be healthier. I would serve this meal with a glass of low-fat milk and a spinach salad to complete my plate.” - Josie Roll, Age 8, Idaho
Posted by Luca Casano on July 7, 2015
“The recipe I made is a family recipe. It represents my ethnic heritage, both the Italian and Chinese sides,” says Luca. “It also represents my home state of Hawai’i. I have made this recipe with my mom ever since I was in preschool. My mom says this is my favorite way of eating lots of spinach! The Tuscan Kale Salad is really yummy because of the garlic and the Parmesan cheese.” - Luca Casano, Age 11, Hawaii